Monday, December 26, 2011


Arnie Ginsberg WBOS Spring 1958: “The Older Records Hour” and the records go back six months.

If a deejay said the kind of witty banter today Ginsberg says at the end of this aircheck, he’d probably get fired.

Shane WKBW January 1 1974: Women don’t start wars? I shudder to think what would have happened if Hitler was a woman.

Alan Freed WJW April 6 1954: Wouldn’t this kind of rhythm ‘n blues program have appealed to teenagers? Then why are there commercials for beer and wine? By the way, kosher wine? I didn’t know wine had meat in it.

Joe Niagara WIBG July 9 1957: For a rock and roll show, the announcing is quite stiff.

A music station that has news in the evening? Imagin that!

Kevin Nelson CKAR July 5 1979: A fair number of corny jokes in here, but shows potential.

John Donabie CKFM May 19 1988: It is very evident Donabie is filling in for somebody due to the large amount of music and not a lot of bits and other creative typical morning show material.

Pete Griffin CHUM-fm March 1979: An item about rolling back odometers! Priceless.

Tom Fulton CKFH September 9 1972: Heavily Drake formatted. I can just picture spending a boring Saturday night in September 1972 as a bored teenager, just sitting in my room waiting for Shotgun Tom to give the latest sports scores.

An ad for a theatre that shows foreign films,. Very cool.

Joe Niagara WPEN April 1983: Wow, an oldies station that actually plays oldies … and has a full news department!

WGCL 1974: Oh for a time when announcers actually showed enthusiasm.

WGCL 1976: From a time when women were first starting to get into radio bigtime. The female announcer sounds a bit nervous, but also as if she’s got a bright future ahead.

Jim Bauer CHUM-fm Fall 1972: An ad for a second-hand clothing store. Very hippy, early seventies cool.

Also, love the 1972 FM sound.

Charlie Greer WAKR 1959: Though this aircheck mainly consists of Greer reading ads, it shows you how, in the past, announcers had the ability to talk in such a way when they came off a record as to make you listen to what they had to say. There was a certain something in their voices which said, “Hey, you better listen up. This is important.”

Also, that’s a high price to pay to get your brakes done, even back then.

Dean Antony WMCA July 15 1967: Says “W” funny.

Imagine having a contest today with no prizes, “Just for fun?” The greedy public would never stand for it.

Lots of actresses mentioned who today no one remembers.

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