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By Connie Schultz. New York: Random House, 2006.

A Dyer Warning From A Grieving Father: I don’t know that all this drug education is a good thing. What preteen is thinking about doing drugs? The U.S. has all this drug education, but they have one of the highest rates of drug use.

When Your Heart Knows He’s The One: Too bad you didn’t have this kind of relationship with your previous husband.

A Ringing Cell Phone Has My Number: That’s our bucking churches these days; you can have Buddhist sensibilities but still be a member of your local church.

We Will Reveal Those Who Conceal: I have a feeling disgruntled ex-spouses and ex-employees would be able to get hold of guns, even if there was no law permitting them to carry concealed.

As for the 87 gun deaths in Ohio, maybe parents should teach children guns aren’t toys.

Bearing the Injustice of a Breastfeeding Ban: All these “men” who are grossed out by the sight of a woman breastfeeding in public should just get over it. The baby needs to eat.

Refugee Tag Adds Insult To Injury: Maybe the victims of Hurricane Katrina were being referred to as refugees because so many of them looked like people from Africa.

Seriously, though, you have to take into account the fact that many people don’t know how to use words properly anymore.

Nothing Broken Here, This Is a Whole Family: The family is the building block of society. Thus, if you destroy the family, you destroy society.

Here’s why sex outside of marriage, or fornication, and divorce, or adultery, are wrong.

A child needs both a mother and a father. A boy needs a good father to show him what kind of man he should be, and a good mother to show him what to look for in a woman. Likewise, a girl needs a good mother to show her what kind of woman she should be, and a good father to show her what to look for in a man.

Now, I am not directing my comments at widowed parents, obviously. I am also not directing my comments at people who had to leave an abusive partner.

However, if you have a society of divorced single parents, divorced remarried parents, parents who are shacked up, single parents who go from boyfriend to boyfriend, and same sex parents, that screws up a child’s view of what a family is supposed to be, and how they are to conduct themselves when it comes to finding a spouse and raising their own children. Thus, a screwed up generation raises a screwed up generation which raises another screwed up generation, until society eventually breaks down.

It is because of these consequences that fornication has destroyed every society where it has become prevalent. A lack of stable families equals a society that just can’t function.

Be The Parent, Not the Bartender: Parents allowing their teenagers to drink moderately in the house is all right. Teenagers need good guidance about how alcohol affects the mind and body, and how to use it properly. Teens also need parents who are good examples of wise alcohol consumption themselves.

So there’s a law in Ohio that says it’s a crime to allow those under 21 to possess and consume alcohol. Big deal. A law is just a law, something to be overturned and misconstrued whenever it suits the fancy of the police who have a quota to fill, or whenever it suits some defense lawyer who finds a way to get somebody off.

Also, it doesn’t appear like the law is working.

Also, since this book was written, car accidents have been surpassed by prescription drugs as the leading cause of death. That’s legal substances your doctor prescribes you, folks.

Honestly, this column is like the “drink a drop of alcohol and the floor will open up and swallow you” bull that we were forced to hear in high school.

Maybe the reason teens that drink are at greater risk for drug abuse, violence, suicide, and dropping out of school is because they haven’t been properly taught how to deal with their problems and thus turn to alcohol, and later drugs as the solution. Maybe it’s not a matter of consumption of alcohol but a matter of adequate preparation for life. By the way, maybe these kids should drop out of school, if they’re attending a public one, that is; especially a public school in North America. They might learn something.

So having parents who are both either homosexual males or lesbians is OK, but allowing your adolescent son or daughter to have a beer on Friday night or the occasional glass of wine with dinner isn’t?

Balance Is Lost In A Wireless World: The situations described in this column are exactly what the new world order wants.

If people are just on their cell phones all the time and don’t talk to cashiers and gas station attendants and people in other such positions, then they will be afraid of those same people, who are also their neighbours. If people are afraid of other people, they won’t speak up or do anything when their neighbour who works as a cashier at the grocery store gets taken off to the concentration camp for “acts against the beast.”

Also, if parents are on their cell phones all the time, even while they’re pushing their babies through the park in a stroller, then those parents and children will be detached from one another and the kids, when they grow up, will be perfectly willing to kill their parents or put them in the concentration camp if the one world government wants them to.

The Reward for Doing unto Others: Granted, service people get treated abominably and the U.S. service industry is better than the Canadian one, but a lot of times people in service jobs don’t do themselves any favours.

For example, as a blind person, even with these courses given to service folks relative to the Ontarians With Disabilities Act, (by the way, it’s bucking pathetic the government even had to necessitate those courses in the first place), I still get people who talk down to me like a little child. When I’m with someone in a restaurant, I still occasionally get people who ask, “What would he like to drink” or say to my friend, “Could you tell him we’re out of…”

Another specific example that comes to mind:

Mom and I went to a department store in a town near where I live to buy me some new pants. We walked around the men’s department and there was not a sales clerk to be found. Mom and I then went to the help desk. We waited for a minute for the lady to finish gabbing, and then asked her to send a sales clerk to help us. She made an announcement over the PA system. We stood there for five minutes till a sales clerk just happened by. The saleslady helped us pick out some pants and I went into a dressing room to try them on.

I then heard the bitch ask my mom, “Does he need help in the dressing room.”

My mother then somewhat sarcastically responded, “No, he can dress himself.

Yeah, bitch, I’m blind; my motor skills work just bucking fine. Besides, if I had needed help, don’t you think my mom would have told you that up front?

A Tip About Gratitude: If the banquet hall is owned by a company called Jacobs International, then it’s probably ultimately run by Jews, which explains management taking the coat checker’s tips.

Sick, Uninsured and Desperate for Help: The problems in the U.S. health care system will only get worse if Obamacare ever gets enacted.

If America wants to fix the health care system it should forget about health insurance, government or private. Insurance companies don’t make money by paying for every medical procedure their policy holders need.

Also, there needs to be a radical new approach to health care on the public’s part. People need to focus on living healthy, preventing disease and alternative treatments.

Free to Cast a Ballot, Even When Confined: We all know voting doesn’t make a difference, but let’s say for the sake of argument it does.

Why should people in prison be free to cast a vote? They’re criminals, and thus don’t think like the average person. Therefore, they wouldn’t vote like the average person.

It used to be the voting age was 25 and you could only vote if you owned land.

While I’m not quite sure the voting age should be raised to 25, I can definitely see why there was a rule that you couldn’t vote unless you owned land. Owning land shows you’ve achieved something in life and are becoming a responsible person. When that rule was set aside, it opened it up to where a whole bunch of lazy people who have never worked a day in their lives or never achieved anything in life voted for any party that would give them more government benefits.

And You Think It’s a Pain to Vote: Women were only given the right to vote so that the people who control both sides could manipulate women into voting for whomever they wanted put in place. Before the suffragist movement, men cast their ballot on behalf of themselves and their wives. The man and woman voted as one because they are one in the flesh.

Now the candidates go on “The View” or whatever other shows are out there geared to women and play off the women’s emotions to win their vote. For a good example of this, see Arnold Schwarzenegger on Oprah in 2003 talking about how his kids said “Daddy’s doing his homework” when the one time gay porn magazine cover boy was working on campaign stuff at night.

Women think with their emotions. Emotions have nothing to do with running a country. Women can get in crabby moods for no reason and go from happy to miserable to happy all in the same day. By the way, I didn’t come up with that last thought; it was told to me by Jennifer, a woman and wife of Allen Weener, owner and general manager of WBCQ. She also doesn’t think women should vote.

By the way, HBO movies, and other movies and dramatic TV shows for that matter, are fiction, or at least reality distorted to make the film more exciting or flow more naturally. They aren’t real.

A Ploy For Ratings Stripped Of Pretense: In the column previous to this you talk about how older women need to mentor younger women in the workplace and how there is still a lot of work to be done in the feminist movement. Then you write about a young black woman who had a career as a news anchor who stripped for the camera to increase ratings, “because I’d do anything for Steve.” Isn’t it obvious to you that the feminist movement has failed?

Look at the “Girls Gone Wild” videos as a prime example. These females realize they can be anything they want and do anything a man can do. These young women are going to university and want to have good careers, and yet there still taking it off for the people who watch those videos.

We have more women in the work force than we’ve ever had before. We have more women in high profile careers than we’ve ever had before. Yet, we have more sexual exploitation of women than we’ve ever had before. These women can have the most lucrative, well-paying careers imaginable, yet they will still strip for the camera or show themselves off as eye candy because the bottom line is, however “liberated” a woman gets, her basic desire is still to please a man.

Rule on Wife’s Role Bends Only for Him: I can understand that sometimes a wife goes back to work when her children get older simply because she has less to do at home at that point. I guess that’s all right in certain cases, as long as the children have been raised such that they won’t get into mischief and other things after school.

However, the push to get women into the work force was orchestrated by the new world order so they could collect more money in taxes. It has destroyed the volunteer force and has dealt a serious blow to the community of young women. Now stay-at-home moms have that fewer women to turn to during the day for advice, support and companionship.

Anti-abortion Sermons And Catholic Women: First of all, it is worth noting that the Catholic Church never got involved in the prolife movement till Row V. Wade.

As far as parishioners being told who to vote for, that’s just what the Catholic Church does. The pope and the priest under him is the final word on all aspects of life.

As far as cases of rape or incest are concerned, most victims of rape or incest who get pregnant want to keep their babies.

Looking at it another way, if a woman gets raped, gets pregnant and keeps her baby but looks at her child at five years old and has a flashback about the rape, is it all right for her to kill the child at that time?

If a doctor says your baby has such bad genetic defects you should get an abortion, I would definitely get a second opinion.

Even if the baby will only live a little while, wouldn’t it be worth it to carry to term and enjoy the little bit of time you will have with him or her rather than get an abortion “because it’s going to die anyway?”

An Insightful Insight, A Simple Phrase Challenges and Inspires Women: We used to have ladies, females who knew how to behave in a polite manner. Now we have bitches like the ones described in this article who just complain about everything. We also have the kind of broads that walk down the street with their female friends cursing their heads off and talking about what they did in bed the night before.

Don’t take this to mean that women should act like they don’t know anything. First and foremost, women should behave how God wants them to behave, and not be conformed to some worldly idea of what a lady is. A woman should have well-informed opinions and be knowledgeable. After all, a wife is a helpmeet and a married man needs a good, kind, virtuous, intelligent helpmeet in order to become successful. However, start acting with proper kindness, etiquette, decorum, and other behaviour as becomes a lady or else.

As for the women you hold up in this column: Margaret Sanger was a Jewess eugenicist. Jews believe they are the only race worthy of continued existence and that everyone else is “goyem” or “cattle.” Sanger founded Planned Parenthood as a means to eliminate the inferior races.

Gloria Steinem was paid by the CIA.

The daughters of feminist leaders such as Steinem and Friedan (Jewess) are leading lives different from the ideals of their mothers. This is because they realize how unhappy these so-called leaders are in their beliefs.

More Women Need To Run For Office: You want more women to get elected so the United States can have more socialist policies.

Since this book was written, Canada and the U.S. have seen an increase in women on the political scene.

Let’s start with America.

Most notably, there was Sarah Palin, who is considered a good, Christian, stay-at-home mom, even though she was in the running for the second most important job in the world. Palin liked to boast about what a good, attentive mother she was, but her daughter got pregnant out of wedlock by a looser, and her kids were probably still in diapers when they were four. In addition to this, Sarah Palin is a bucking idiot.

Then there was Michelle Bachman, a former IRS lawyer, so you know that, if elected, she will reform taxation in the people’s favour, ha ha ha. Additionally, Bachman would ban masturbation if she could, and has also made numerous gaffs.

On the Democrat side, we have Nancy Pelosi, who was speaker of the House for four years. Pelosi saved the American taxpayer a lot of money because all she required was a blanket on the floor some chew toys and a food and water dish.

Then there is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who has been seen on a few occasions crying in public, little chunks of stone rolling down her cheeks and everything. Let’s pretend for a moment there are actually enough Islamic terrorists to be a credible threat to the U.S. and that they actually do things real enemies of the United States would do, like blowing up cities with nuclear bombs, as opposed to trying to blow up their shoes or underwear.

“Secretary Clinton, Al Qaida has just blown up Los Angeles with an atomic bomb. We need your orders to counterattack right away.”
“Oh no, I can’t, boo hoo hoo.”

In Canada, Prime Minister Harper has appointed a fair number of women to his Cabinet. There is Rhona Ambrose, the onetime Minister of the Environment, who now has some position I’m not exactly clear what it is. Then there’s Bev Oda, Minister of Cooperation, whose department said they’d grant funding to a charity, then said they wouldn’t. There’s Lisa Rate, Minister of Labour, who forced the post office to go back to work, and it was about darn time, too. Then there’s Health Minister Leona Aglukak, who’s not only a woman, but an Eskimo. Bonus!

In addition, Canada now has four female premiers: Kristie Clark of British Columbia, Allison Redfern of Alberta, Catharine Dunderdale of Newfoundland, and I believe one up in the Northwest Territories. It’s too early to tell what these women will be like as leaders.

However, I doubt Schultz would like most of these female politicians because they are conservatives.

It’s Not Christian To Champion Hate: I beg to differ.

Hate is a perfectly godly emotion. If you love something, you’ll hate a thing that is against what you love. For example, if you love your children, you’ll hate anyone who tries to hurt them.

In the Bible we find verses such as the one in the psalms that says “do I not hate them that hate thee.” Love and hate can coexist perfectly. You love someone in that you want them to repent and come to Christ, but you hate them because in their present state, even the few good things about them are overshadowed by all their sins.

“God answers to all names, I told her, and there are all sorts of paths that lead to His front door.”

Oh really! That’s not what the Bible says. “I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but through me” “straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to eternal life”

“Had I known this new rage movement was on its way, I also would have taught my daughter to say gently but firmly, “He’s my God, too.””

Oh, how do you know He’s her God?

How can you be so sure 9/11 wasn’t an example of the wrath of God coming down on America because of loving queers, abortion and outlawing prayer in public schools?

As if compassion is exclusive to anger and judgment. Christians have compassion for people, but they are also righteously angry, just as the Bible says “God is angry with the wicked all day long” and “judge righteously” as the Bible says to do.

Ah, yes, these Christians who search to find a shred of decency in those of every faith or no faith at all, who will work with anyone of any faith or no faith at all. Well, seeing as you have Buddhist sensibilities, you would agree with this position. Buddhism teaches that whatever truth a person has, it’s legitimate for that person. Thus, all faiths are equal, the same as having no faith at all. However, this is not the Bible’s stance on the matter.

“When Pat Robertson asked Christians to pray for the demise of three Liberal Supreme Court justices, he was not my idea of a Christian.”

Not that I want to defend false prophet Pat Robertson, but imprecatory prayer is a perfectly Biblical thing to do. See many of the psalms. Wonder what she’d think of Pastor Peters and his nightly (and sometimes more than nightly) imprecatory prayers?

Oh, your faith is too sturdy to be threatened by laws “designed to protect the rights of every American”, is it. Well, let’s just keep outlawing the Ten Commandments and all these other Christian things and see how much you like it when you wake up one morning and realize you no longer have any rights whatsoever. What rights would those be anyway; the right not to have to get sexually abused or have naked pictures taken of you just to board an airplane?

God “loves every one of us.” That’s not what the Bible says. “Jacob have I loved but Esau have I hated”

Answering Hostility with Amazing Grace. You contradicted yourself again. In your previous column, you talked about ugliness on both the extreme left and the extreme right. Now you’re making it seem like liberal churches are the only ones that get vandalised. That’s simply not true. Any place that calls itself a church can be subject to vandalism.

I don’t know what the buck the minister means by saying there are texts in the Bible both supporting and condemning homosexuality. You can’t get much clearer than “if a man lieth with a man as he lieth with a woman it is an abomination”, or “even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge God gave them up to a reprobate mind to do that which is not convenient … likewise their women burned in their lust for each other and changed the natural use.”

(By the way, when I do these book commentaries on here, I write as if I’m talking to the author off the top of my head. This is what I would say if we were talking about these things face to face. Therefore, if I don’t have the wording of these Bible verses exactly correct, please forgive me.)

What verses, pray tell, support homosexuality?

This Colum contains a pretty telling quote about how “if you think only in weeks, then it can be difficult.” That’s the problem; our enemy plans in the long term, we think in the short term.

They ordained the first woman in 1833 and now woman ministers aren’t an issue. Sure, but that doesn’t make it right.

For example, what about 1 Timothy 3 12 where it says, and yes it’s still in the Bible, whether you like it or not, “but I suffer not a woman to teach or to usurp the authority of a man.”

“But Paul said that because of the culture of the time.” Or “That was written to a specific congregation which had a lot of problems with order.”

No, look at the next verse.

“for Adam was not deceived but Eve was deceived”

Satan can use a woman to get a man to sin the way he could never use a man. Women preachers are wrong and so is homosexuality.

The people at this church that got vandalised are lawless. They have no fear of God. They don’t want to hear about sin and commandments they have to obey and God’s law which was in place from the beginning of time. They just want sermons that reaffirm the view they have of themselves. Again, it’s Buddhism in the churches. “Just tell me I’m following my inner path of truth to my own self-fulfillment and enlightenment.” “I’m OK, you’re OK.”

At the end of the first service after the fire, the congregation sang “Let There Be Peace on Earth.” I guess the meaning of peace for them is shut up and don’t take a stand against iniquity. I also want there to be peace on Earth; the peace that will come at the return of Christ from fire reigned down from above.

No Pledge Needed To Show Our Faith: Below is the pledge of allegiance I would be in favour of.

I pledge allegiance to Jesus Christ, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and to His word, set forth from the beginning of time.

Sader of Hope, Jewish Rituals Feed This Gentile’s Soul: Yet again calling yourself a Christian but mixing religions.

Of course this column doesn’t tell you how Jews really see the rest of us, as “goyem” or cattle.

Just something to think about here: if you were part of a group a tyrannical government decided had to be exterminated, would Jews show you the same courtesy non-Jews showed Jews during World War II and hide you?

No Doubt That Santa’s There: People have probably been turned off the idea of the existence of God by Santa Clause more than a lot of other things.

What the whole ‘Santa Clause thing comes down to is people loving lies more than truth. Such people will be out of the Holy City and in Hell in eternity.

The Perfect Couple, An Imperfect World: First of all, there is no such thing as an actual perfect couple.

Three of the main causes of homosexuality are detachment from parents, abuse and rejection by the opposite sex. Because of these things, the homosexual goes around looking for the kind of filial love they never had, trying to find that fulfillment in a sexual relationship. Thus, Kate And Jackie don’t really love each other; they’re just trying to fulfill a need in their lives with the other person.

Spongebob Caught in A Squeezeplay: First, James Dobson is queerer than a three dollar bill. Listen to an old tape from the early 80s if you doubt that.

Second, though Spongebob does have a girlfriend, he is very effeminate and faggy in his mannerisms and personality.

So family’s come in all different sorts? I guess that includes Mom and Mom and Dad and Dad, or Dad and his sister, or Dad and an animal, or Dad and a chair.

Sometimes Love Takes Courage: As stated above concerning Kate and Jackie, Dave and James may be able to fool themselves into thinking they have the kind of relationship heterosexual couples have, but however much they try to pretend and however much they may push for the right to “marry”, they don’t have the kind of relationship heterosexuals have and same sex marriage isn’t marriage.

Ohio Pulls Away The Welcome Mat: These faggots were all crying in their church after the election, but what are they going to say on Judgment Day?

Survivor Displays A Dogged Resolve: It’s tragic, really. These two dykes know they’ll never have a normal relationship with each other or have children so they have to lavish all this attention on a dog.

Clasped Hands Open Hearts: We are the liberals. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

A Clever Conspiracy To Threaten Marriage: See my comments above about how different kinds of families destroy society.

First Class Ways To Support Our Troops: Support our troops. What am I supposed to do, bake them cookies? They aren’t my troops, anyway. If they were my troops, I would have had them home as soon as I found out 9/11 was an inside job.

Daughter’s Doll Teaches Mother A Lesson About Race: You can dress two people of different races up in the same clothes. Two people of different races may even have some of the same experiences. Everybody, no matter what their nationality, has experiences and feelings they share with everyone else. However, this does not exclude the fact that, inside, where it really counts, people of different races are different in their outlook on life and traits. Children gravitate toward dolls that look like them. In the high school cafeteria, kids of the same race gather into their own groups.

Learning To Drive Her Mother Crazy: If Caitlin were an illegal alien, all she’d have to do is waltz into a DMV and she’d be handed her license.

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