Wednesday, December 21, 2011


African Hebrew Israelites: How can the black Africans be descended from the ten lost tribes of Israel? Have they spread the Gospel to the world? Have they fed and clothed the entire world?

Alamo Christian Ministries: Shortly after this book came out, Alamo was convicted of child molestation.

Alamo (Hoffman) designed the outfit Michael Jackson wore in “Thriller.”

Aryan Nations: To be dealt with in a future post.

Carol Balizet: She is probably right about some of the birthing practises in our society today.

British Israelism: To be dealt with in a separate post.

Christadelphians: By denying that Jesus was God, Christadelphians are antichrist.

Christian Educational Services: See Christadelphians above.

Church Of Bible Understanding: Traill apparently didn’t read the verses in the Bible about how teachers are supposed to be loving.

Darwin Fish: People want to rag on Darwin Fish, but if you go to his website, all he does is quote from different preacher’s books and contrasts them with the Bible.

Efraim: Though it can seem lonely at times and appear as if you are the only true believer, it must be remembered that other Christians are on a journey. They don’t know some truths you know yet, but this does not mean they are insincere in their love for God.

Faith Tabernacle Philadelphia: Though I don’t think Christians should cut out doctors and other medical professional’s altogether, there needs to be more emphasis on faith healing in the church.

House of Yahweh: Uses the unholy name.

Ysrael Hawkins is a false prophet, which carries the death penalty in the Law of God.

International Churches of Christ: Baptism is necessary for salvation, according to Acts 2 38, Mark 16 16 and other verses.

Also, the doctrine of grace alone is not strictly correct. While we are saved by grace, faith without works is dead.

Its good McKean apologised.

Israelite House Of David: See 1 Timothy 4 1-5.

The Lord Our Righteousness Church: What Bent did carries the death penalty in the Bible.

People’s Temple: Sure, Beverly, call me a conspiracy theorist. Look at the Guyanese coroner’s report, for cripes sake. Those people were killed by the CIA.

Rastafarian: Selassie is dead. Give it up.

See African Hebrew Israelites for response to Rastafarian belief about being true Israel.

I couldn’t be part of a church without a definable moral code.

Gene Scott: Obviously, any preacher who is divorced, smokes cigars, swears, and preaches with something on his head is not of God.

What’s Barbie Bridges doing pastoring the church now? See 1 Timothy 3 12-14.

The Two By Twos: As far as the doctrine of the trinity is concerned, it isn’t three separate persons, as most Christians believe. There is God the father. He sent part of Himself to earth as Jesus. After Jesus ascended to the father, He sent a part of Himself, which is a part of a part, to Earth as the Holy Spirit. Think of it as a body, an organ and a tissue.

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Stewart Traill of the Church of Bible Understanding, I would say, practices the guidelines that can be found in this post on Steve Hassan's Freedom of Mind website:

This is definitely the law that was laid down there and under which I lived for years!

Alex Horton said...

Thanks. I'll check out that article and your blog.