Thursday, July 25, 2013


Colby Koch's column in the June 17 issue of Maclean's was just plain wrong about some things.

First, the precursor to CBC, the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission, was established in 1934, not 1932.

Second, Dr. John Brinkley, "The goat gland man", was not on NBC, he was on a border blaster out of Mexico. (By the way, was it ever proven that Brinkley's goat gland treatment and Norman Baker's cancer cure were actually harmful and/or didn't do what they claimed? Rather, was it a typical case of a government going after people who said things different to what the regime wanted the people to believe?)

There is also in the same issue a review of the book "The New Domesticity." The book's author claims the new movement of women leaving the office to work at home with the kids and homestead is retarding the progress of feminism. While I do agree feminism is pretty retarded (haha), I seriously think these women are leaving the rat race because many of them realize the teachings of the feminist movement are garbage to begin with.

The author also claims that the individualism the new domesticity is fostering is bad because it harms the communal whatever it is. In other words, the fact that more and more women are waking up to things like co-sleeping and the dangers of vaccines is bad because they're not doing what the new world order through the mass media wants them to. Never mind the parenting book, the parenting magazine, the company that produces the TV show about parenting, and the network on which the show airs are all subsiduaries of the same company.

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