Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Heard a tape at my buddy's place today. It consisted of Jay Michael Wilson and John Rhode on 1050 CHUM. The tape was recorded the Sunday evening before Thanksgiving, 1971.

There were a few places where some static was heard but overall excellent sound. The tape could have been recorded in Toronto or in the area where I live since you can get "TSN 1050" as it's now known very well here, especially at night.

Wilson and Rhode feature the #1 hits of the past fourteen years as compiled by the CHUM Honour Role. The pamphlet of the CHUM Honour Role was available the upcoming Tuesday in the Toronto Telegram.

There are a lot of commercials in this aircheck. Odd to think that even in 1971 stores were pushing Thanksgiving Day sales.

There are of course spots for stores which are no longer open: Savette, Wollworth's, Eaton's, Tower's.

There is also a news update at 8:00 done by Richard Morgan which features the latest reports concerning the FLQ crisis.

Also featured of course are Wilson and Rhode's humourous bits and one-liners.

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