Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Based on notes to myself

Listening to "The Lumpy Gravy Radio Show" every Saturday night.

Listening to "Beacon Of Truth" broadcasts every weekday afternoon.

Also listened to "Rewind" on CBC every week.

Swimming in the pool on a night in June; a perfect way to start the summer.

I was really into the shows that were on TV Ontario twenty to forty years ago at this time. I would surf Matthew Broszkowski's TVO Kids forum and Rick Ambrozick's site constantly. I would think about the shows all the time and imagine having my own TV station that broadcast stuff like that. I would also look up old TV Ontario clips on YouTube, of course.

I used to drink a lot on Sunday nights, Maliboo Coconut Rum in particular.

Thought a classmate from college had gotten into network marketing but it turned out her email had been hacked.

Had a phone meeting with the woman who ran the health expo at that time and gained a customer. It gave me such a boost in my self-confidence, not only of course because I now had another customer but also because of how professionally I acted.

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