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Haitian Slave Revolt: Just as with the French Revolution, propaganda was spread among the plantations of Haiti. The leaders of the revolt made a power grab in the guise of freeing and improving the lives of the slaves. Additionally, the leader of the revolt made a deal with the devil and when you make a deal with the devil, you pay. (See "Vigilantees of Christendom" and "War Cycles, Peace Cycles", both by Richard Kelly Hoskins.)

 AMerican Civl War: The Civil War was not about slavery as evidenced by Lincoln’s quote about “if I could fight the war without freeing one single slave I would do it…” The Federal government and the northern states were bullying the South through economic policies and instances such as the Harper’s Ferry raid. The Confederate States declared their independence as they had the right to do. The North fired on Fort Sumter in a false flag attack and the war was on

If the Federals hadn’t consolidated power through the Civil War, the states would have been more autonomous. Sure, there inevitably would have been some local elitism as the author suggests but nothing like the creeping totalanarianism we see in the U.S. Federal government today. (Really, no need to cite specific sources for this entry because information about what I've just said is all over the internet and in any good book on the American Civil War, viz. any book written before the modern cartoonish view of history propagated by White and his ilk took over.)

Russo-Turkish War: As far as the Armenian genocide is concerned, it must be remembered that the Turks and Armenians lived in peace at one time. Then, a group of Jews called the Young Turks, through Turkish masonic lodges, stirred up the trouble that would eventually result in this terrible event. (I heard this on one of Texe Marrs' radio shows once so I guess you could check his website for more information on this.)

First World War: When you distill it down, World War I was caused by the fact that all the nations wanted to go to war. Additionally, of course, there is the banking and economic factor. Though I have not studied into all the events described in this book yet and am more familiar with the major conflicts from the Civil War onward, I bet if you look back in history into virtually all these conflicts you’ll find someone of means financing and getting rich off both sides. (I wrote a post about this years ago. That post now contains a link to more information. Click on the HISTORY label attached to this post.)

Joseph Stalin: Soviet communism was financed mostly by rich, American, Jewish bankers. (See the book "Behind Communism" as well as many of the resources on Texe Marrs' site linked above.)

The difference between Lenenist-Trotskyite communism and Stalinist communism is the former believes change should be achieved slowly while the latter believes change should be achieved quickly. Stalin persecuted Lenenist-Trotskyite (Jewish) communists and advanced Stalinist (Jewish) communism. The reason the Cold War took place was Stalen’s persecution of the Lenenist-Trotskyite communists who ran Hollywood, hence “Red Channels” and the McCarthy era, the better to flush out the Hollywood Stalinists.

Second World War: In books such as “I Paid Hitler”, as well as many other sources*, the financing of both sides of the war by Jewish international bankers is well established. The purpose of the Holocaust was to make the international case for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Thus, those Jews content to stay in Europe were looted, rounded up and shot, then taken to concentration camps. (Read "A Greater Miracle" for more information.)

Prior to the war, Germany, Italy and Japan had signed a pact that the other two would intervene if one was attacked. (See the Richard Kelly Hoskins books cited above.)

Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbour and the book “Japan Bites Back” documents a lot of now hidden things going on at that time. (This is actually fairly common knowledge by now.)

The world did not begin to fight against Hitler because of his evil character but because neither England or America ended up joining with the Nazis like they originally wanted to. Either way, more money in the coffers of those who profit from war. (Information about the Americans plans to side with the Nazis and the fact King Edward VIII was a Nazi sympathizer (the real reason he abdicated) can be found all over the internet.)

As to the nature of the Holocaust itself, the author goes down the usual path of those who so ardently defend the official story, even indirectly employing the catch-all pejorative “Weird.” If it’s so well documented, why haven’t the official records get published for all to see. After all, then the matter would become plain and guys like me, David Irving, Jim Fetzer, et al could shut up in the face of such overwhelming truth and obviousness.

Additionally, if the official story is so blatantly obvious then why is this the only so-called fact (so far, anyway) you can be put in jail for disputing?

On the whole, ancient history is a lot less well documented than the arguments against the official story of the Holocaust.

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