Friday, July 24, 2015


Gengus Kahn: I, too, hate it when the reputations of truly bad people are rehabilitated: Martin Luther King, for example.


Albagensian Crusade: The Albagensians were actually a Bible-believing group.


Atlantic Slave Trade-Conquest of the Americas: The author goes really over the top on this one. The whole thing about the only people who mattered being white men-though probably true to a certain degree-is nevertheless untrue when you actually take a practical, logical view of human interaction and if you are actually interested in looking at all of history, as opposed to certain bugaboos you seem to have, with as unbiased a view as possible as opposed to the cartoonish-James Bond movie scenarios that colour so much of history these days.


As to the comment about the Indians being “taken out back and taught to sing hymns”, to whatever extent that statement is true, there were Natives who truly found the living God.


Also, stop comparing slavery in the Bible to slavery in the antibellem South. People in the Bible went into slavery a good amount of the time to work off a debt. Every seven years, all debts were cancelled and all slaves set free. They were also given a good amount of food and other goods to take home with them as stipulated by the Law. Even more humanely, if a slave ran away from his master, the one who found him was not to return him.

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