Saturday, August 17, 2013


Jennifer Weiner, wife of WBCQ owner and general manager Allan Weiner, died August fourth.

The announcement of her death was made on tonight's broadcast of "Allan Weiner Worldwide."

Radio has a way of bringing out one's true personality and character. To that end, even from listening to Jennifer on air when she appeared on Allan's show and variously when she hosted her own programs on WBCQ over the years, I could tell she was a rare woman. In the person she presented on-air I could tell she was a kind, loving, plainspeaking, and straightforward person.

Further evidence of this was shown in the few times I corresponded with Jennifer by email.

One day, when I get a wife, I hope she is like Jennifer. That is, a woman who doesn't play the catty mind games with men women are known for, as well as one who is truly devoted to her husband and thus inspires like devotion in him: a woman who can reason and compromise, with a variety of interests and talents.

Cause of death was heart failure due to a congenitally weak left ventricle.

Note: Jennifer's heart gave out suddenly in her sleep. She did not suffer.

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