Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The July 15 issue of Maclean's pretty much sucked completely as well.

- mentions of "vile conspiracy theories" about 9/11;
- seemed like they were all about furthering the "gay" agenda. I know this edition of the magazine was published just after the U.S. Supreme Court made it's ruling on same sex marriage, but a lot of the fag-related stuff in that issue of Maclean's wasn't even related to that;
- the crowing over Exodus International selling out and shutting it's doors. The guy who was running EI was, in my opinion, on the other side anyway. He had stated a while back he didn't think he was actually straight. He had a certain kind of affection for his wife, but that's about it. Jesus did say the way was naerrow "and few there be that find it." Also, were a lot of the people who didn't actually get cured of their homosexuality going through the program because they wanted to or were they being pressured by friends and loved ones?;
- "The End" was interesting, though. It didn't sound like the subject of that week's profile was ever really a kid.

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