Saturday, August 17, 2013


Based on articles from the July 22 issue of Maclean's.

The transcript of Peter C. Newman's conversation with Marshall McLewan was interesting. McLewan's point about compulsory education becoming obsolete was interesting. Why go to school when you can glean information faster from online sources than your teacher can teach it using traditional methods.

Concerning the review of the documentary about the Indonesians who killed communists back in the sixties: They were inspired by Hollywood gangster movies. The director has a Jewish last name. Hence, this could, though I don't know for sure, be one of these cases where a Jewish person condemns something his own people fostered, akin to the Israeli government announcing a campaign to combat eating disorders caused by Jewish-run Madison Avenue.

"The End": It's great the subject of that week's feature was starting to get his life back on track and tragic he didn't live to excel to a greater degree, but man, talk about an embarrassing way to die: running off a trail through some trees and off a heretofore unnoticed cliff.

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