Saturday, August 10, 2013


This blog is the most arrogant thing I have ever read.

A couple adopt a baby girl from Ethiopia. Upon returning to the States they stick her in a daycare for a huge number of hours a day so they can work to support her. "Yes, honey, we're your new family who will love you and give you a good life. Now be in this nursery school for ten hours per day."

The couple also never cease to brag about how smart their little girl is, even talking about besting a friend's two year old with their then fifteen month old's abilities. (Yet she gets to the age of three and is still not toilet trained.)

Also, the main author of this blog really needs to do some more research into baby sign language before saying it can't be done. He should also read up on the physiology of babies. Through said reading, I suspect he would learn that babies don't just dribble urine all day as he states.

Just an example of what I suspect might be another trophy baby plucked by Caucasians from amongst the other races. How sad.

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