Saturday, August 17, 2013


A while ago I had started a commentary on Sean Boonstra and Harry Firerobin's series on the Book of Revelation. I never finished said series because frankly the things Boonstra and Firerobin were teaching were driving me crazy. I had heard certain doctrines being taught from them previously from other teachers in the same denomination and decided to get rid of the video tapes unfinished for the sake of not loosing my faith in Jesus Christ.

Similarly, I will not be finishing my commentary on Jimmy Swaggart's commentary on Revelation.

For one relatively minor reason, the series is a relic.

More importantly, many of Swaggart's teachings in this series don't mesh with my interpretation of this book of the Bible and thus, continuing to listen to this series would ultimately drive me crazy.

Also, commenting on teachings by Swaggart in this series I disagreed with would expose said teachings. As far as I know this series is not available on the internet and hence the less said about the teachings contained therein the better.

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