Monday, December 16, 2013


I found many of the articles in November's issue of Readers Digest quite heartening and interesting.

Scott Feschuk's column in the November 3 issue of Maclean's was also good. Instead of inventing all the things mentioned therein, the Japanese should concentrate on inventing something that can keep the radiation from the Fucashima nuclear power plant from spreading all over the world.

I enjoyed what the Giller-nominated authors had to say in Maclean's as well.

In the December 9 edition of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind there was an article about Tim Bowers, a man paralysed in a car accident who decided to take himself off life support. Part of me says he should have tried to make a recovery and talked to other quadriplegics who were leading fulfilling lives,. Another part of me, more cynical, looks at the fact Bowers was a hunter and avid outdoorsman. What, therefore, could he have gotten into doing if he had recovered, other than sitting around complaining about how life sucks as seems to be the case with so many Ziegler readers and contributors lately?

By the way, to the female reader who responded to the article about Bowers this week: You say only God has the right to decide when to end someone's life, yet you say possitive things about Nelson Mandella, a man responsible for the taking of many lives. How does that work?

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