Monday, December 23, 2013


I aplaud the editorial in the November 11 issue of Maclean's. Sure, full-day kindergarten advocates, who cares about trivial things such as communication skills and emotional maturity? I think people who are in favour of things like full-day kindergarten think there aren't any parents who practice reading, writing and other skills with their children at home.

I enjoyed the highlights from the list of female entrepeneurs in the December issue of Chatalaine. Good to see women who co-own businesses with their husbands or boyfriends and a woman who ended up taking over her father's business.

Regarding the article about rape on college campuses in the December 2 issue of Maclean's: One day in the not all that far away future rape will be legalised. Actually, what will probably happen is governments will pass a law with a title like "The Complete Sexual Freedom Act" that will legalise almost everything from rape to pedophelia to beastiality.

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