Sunday, December 15, 2013


Car Seats: The fact that the government has legislated older and older children should be in car seats is just ridiculous.

Also, I question how necissary car seats actually are in the first place. Definitely you would want to have your infant strapped into a car seat when travelling on the highway, especially since we have all these people in Canada now who don't appear to have road safety rules where they come from. However, if you're driving somewhere in town or in the countryside, is a car seat really necissary most of the time?

Strollers: Why would you need a stroller if you're going to wear your baby?

Cribs: Are babies really at a much greater risk sleeping in cribs manufactured before 1986? It is high time people start thinking outside the box on these types of things.

Also, couldn't a friend or family member make a crib? This would be a way to save money and beat a big, faceless corporation out of some money at the same time.

Baby Bathtub: Come on, you don't really need a plastic tub for bathing your baby. When he's really little, just take him in the shower with you. When he's older, bathe him over the side of the regular bathtub.

The Diaper Dilemma: Obviously, elimination communication should be used as the primary means of handling your baby's needs in this area. However, if you are using diapers part of the time there are many different kinds of cloth diapers to choose from. These are very utilitarian and quite advanced from the cloth diapers of yesteryear. Many also look quite cute and adorable.

If you cannot afford to buy cloth diapers, you can make them out of things such as old t-shirts or dish towels.
There are also diapers with washable covers and an inner part that gets disposed of in the toilet.

If for some reason you choose to go the disposable diaper root, there are organic disposable diapers. I realize that sounds kind of like organic cigarettes but these brands of disposables don't contain the chemicals of other brands at least.

As far as picking up baby acetaminophen, I would not recommend baby's take pharmaceutical medications at all. Treat your baby's ailments naturally.

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