Thursday, September 19, 2013


This book is largely a joke but it makes a good jumping off point to discuss some things.

Aliens: According to a German soldier during World War II, Western governments were going to use the threats of communism, nationalism, terrorism, and aliens to move the new world order's agenda along. Roswell, Area 51 and all this other UFO stuff just feeds into this plan and helps to prepare people to believe the aliens really have invaded when the government makes the announcement.

Barbie: No specific conspiracy involving the famous doll, but Barbie and other products marketed to children contain messages that help indoctrinate our kids.

Big Brother Is Watching You: This has only been made more obvious with the recent NSA scandal.

BOA: After the 2008 economic crisis, I think people can indeed see that bankers are snakes.

Cartoons: See Barbie.

Diana: It is quite obvious Princess Diana was murdered. New evidence of this has recently surfaced with renewed interest in the event.

Doctors: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion tells it's readers to become doctors so they can eliminate their enemies. Also, does anyone really still believe these big organizations want to find cures for their namesake diseases? If that happened, the organization would be out of business.

Drugs: There are headlines approximating, "CIA PLANE CRASHES WITH ONE TON OF COCAINE ABOARD."

Elvis: Popular musicians are in large part manufactured. There had never really been anyone like Elvis Presley before. He was used by the new world order to see if one person could really influence the masses. On August 16, 1977, "The King (?)" was murdered because he was no longer needed and the globalists couldn't afford to have him get old and display his declining talent.

Fluoride: The harmful effects of fluoride are well-documented in books such as "Cancer: step outside the box." In fact, studies now show fluoride helps break down teeth rather than keeping them strong.

Grand Conspiracy: The evidence for a new world order is overwhelming. David Rockefeller admits to being part of it in his autobiography. George Bush Sr. spoke about it 111 times. Even H. G. Wells wrote about it in a book entitled "The New World Order."

Israli Leader Assassination: There are probably at least a few good books out there about who really killed Itzak Rabin.

JFK: In answer to the author's questions, Oswald was merely a patsy; he didn't actually take part in the assassination. Kennedy was killed in the middle of the day in front of a huge crowd as a signal from the new world order to the people that the globalists were in control and things were about to change drastically in the world. Read Jim Marrs' book, "Crossfire: the plot that killed Kennedy." It is probably the best book on the presidential assassination out there.

Kurt Cobain: There is good evidence the Nirvana frontman was murdered, such as the gun facing away from the head of the corpse. Cobain is the icon of the grunge genre and, just as with Elvis, the new world order couldn't allow him to get old.

Lennon's Assassination: There is evidence suggesting Mark David Chapman was a manchurian candidate. As for a reason, see Elvis and Kurt Cobain.

Man On The Moon: I have already covered this topic on this blog. See the August 2012 archive.

Marilyn Monroe: The iconic actress and songstress was given an enema before the autopsy was performed.

Oklahoma: There is evidence of government vehicles around the federal building in Oklahoma City an hour before the bomb went off, as well as evidence with regard to how the building blew up. Connie Chung asked about evidence that didn't fit with the official story and was fired.

Population Control: For good information on eugenics, see Alex Jones's film "Endgame."

The Turin Shroud: The Shroud of Turin can't be the burial cloth of Jesus. It has the imprint of a beard and Jesus' beard was plucked.

Smoking: It seems as if the anti-smoking agenda is an attempt to close down the bars and just generally put more restrictions on people's personal freedom.

Spice Girls: As with all phenominally popular bands, The Spice Girls had their part to play in the new world order's agenda.

Television: The Pentagon set the flicker rate for television so it would keep people mesmorized.

Titanic: In order for the Federal Reserve to be established, powerful men who were opposed to it had to be gotten rid of. Many of these powerful men were passengers on the Titanic. Captain John Smith was a Jesuit. Jesuits will sacrifice their own lives for their masters. Smith was an experienced captain who should have been able to avoid the iceberg.

Waco: I wrote a post about this on this blog as well. Type Waco in the search box.

Who Will Take Over The World?: Though the new world order involves many groups who at times don't like each other, the one who is ultimately behind the new world order is the devil.

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