Sunday, November 24, 2013


December 22, 1948.

Forced to work Christmas Eve, with all his friends abandoning him and only a lousy Christmas card from Duffy, Archie does not exactly have the warmest attitude to the holiday season. Then a stranger comes into the bar and takes Archie for a walk around the neighbourhood. Miraculous events ensue, including a man blinded in the war getting back his eyesight and time stopping to prevent a man from committing suicide at the stroke of midnight, and Archie returns to the tavern filled with the warmth of Christmas.

This episode contains a lot of the usual fake sentiment one finds in Christmas specials. It is quite obvious the stranger is Jesus, but the usual nonjudgmental Jesus who doesn't expect anything from anyone and whose whole bag is peace, warmth and comfort. The whole thing comes wrapped up with a post-war, late 1940s overtone.

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