Sunday, November 24, 2013


October 10, 1949.

This is a weird episode of this classic radio series.

Tony Murilo is a young man who makes a living creating wax figures of murderers, including the devil. A man shows up one day wanting Tony to make him a wax face, his previous face having been eaten off by a traveling companion in the desert. Tony crafts the stranger a face in the likeness of his own.

The stranger, who is exactly like Tony except with no conscience, takes up residence in the refrigeration room of Tony's workshop and steals Tony's girlfriend, Tena. They murder a man, steal his wedding band and marry.

Tony drives them to the motor lodge where the stranger and Tena will be spending their honeymoon, then sneaks into the cabin where the newlyweds are staying and burns off the man's face. The cabin burns to the ground, killing Tena and the stranger.

However, when the fire is investigated, no charred bodies are found, just a whole lot of wax. Out of Tony's inventory, the figure of Bloody Mary and the figure of the devil are the only two pieces missing. In the cabin's rubble the investigators also turn up a wedding band.

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