Sunday, November 24, 2013


The following is a guest post.

Other than the obituary for Dr. Cleaver Keenan, the Alex Horton Blog hasn't really featured material written by others before. However, this does not mean I haven't wanted such material from the day I started this blog.

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Note: Posts will not be edited for spelling and grammar. I will post writings which do not mesh with my opinions on things, thus, the views of a guest poster are the views of the contributor/victim and are not necissarily my own.

Today we feature the first of what I hope will be many posts (at least until she gets her own blog) from a young lady named Ms. Gillie. Ms. Gillie lives in the Hamilton, Ontario area and has gotten more into the writin game in the past little while.

Without further ado,
Here's Ms. Gillie's debut.

Recently I went to the library in my neighborhood, and was shocked to find a book called Two Boys Kissing. It was about these two young men who were no longer together, but wanted to set some kind of record. I, frowning a little more than slightly, refused said book, and chose something that wouldn't make me so uncomfortable.

What's going on? Why am I talking about this? Let's look at the history. 1976 Jack Tripper had to fake homosexuality to live with two women on Three's Company. 1998 Will And Grace unknowingly promoted the liberal media's "I'm ok. That's ok.` agenda. Many more have followed since.

What can we do? First we must pray, then watch, and then write our media outlets.

Bye for now. God bless and keep all of you out there.

Ms. Gillie

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