Thursday, October 3, 2013


Popular Science Shuts Down Online Comments Section: Mainstream media doesn't like the two-way aspect of the internet. They would be happy to post stuff up there and have it be like the old days. By this I mean there would either be no interaction with the public in response to what was disseminated, or if there was, it would be heavily controlled as to how much of that response the rest of the public saw.

These days, when you keep promoting things that aren't true, such as manmade climate change, people are no longer going to just sit there and take it. The public can finally conjecture and talk back to the media and they love this and do it often. Granted, the public doesn't always respond in the wisest or most intelligent way, but you can't put the genie back in the bottle and any media outlet that tries will face it's downfall.

Fake Reviews On Yelp: Companies admitted years ago they pay employies to go onto social media sights (Facebook, Twitter and the like) to talk up their product. If these companies have been doing this in the Facebook age, is it any great stretch to believe these companies have been doing such things since near the dawn of the web?

Many times, when I've looked at articles, forums or blog posts dealing with the subject of elimination communication, there have been a bunch of detracters on these sites. While at least some are probably legit, at times the number of naysayers in the comments section of the particular thing I'm looking at strongly leads me to suspect people from the diaper companies are trying to sully ec to keep business in their hands.

Naturally, then, it follows that employees would be writing fake reviews on Yelp. Hopefully, this will start a trend toward the death of mainstream internet media along with the death of traditional mainstream media.

Conservative Talk Show Hosts To Be Thrown Under Bus?: It appears the once mighty and popular syndicator Talk Radio Networks is doomed. Along with this, it looks to me as if another syndication outlet for talk radio (which is mainstream media despite what the hosts claim) is headed for a change. From what I've read in the trade, Premier is no longer programming it's channel on Sirius XM radio, which means some popular talk show hosts aren't heard on the satcaster anymore. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hanity are no longer going to be on a number of Cumulus-owned stations, many in large markets such as New York. While these two talk radio giants will be on Clearchannel stations in some of the same markets, this personally makes me wonder if people such as Limbaugh, Hanity and the like are on their way out.

CBC Being Retarded Again: Monday, in the wake of the imminent U.S. government so-called shut down, "As It Happens" was taking the stance of wondering why anyone could possibly be against Obamacare. From what I've heard from the radio side of the Mothercorp, CBC has failed to mention the fact the Affordable Care Act is nothing like the government healthcare system we have here in Canada. Also, they fail to mention how many Americans are against the legislation and all the problems with it.

Also, CBC, next time people get food poisoning from an event, I don't need to hear people describing their symptoms.

You could have done a better job on the story about the home daycare that was shut down in Vaughn a couple weeks back. Did that woman you interviewed not check out the home before she sent her daughter there? I mean, people can window dress and clean up to make things look sanitary and safe when they normally aren't, but if the house was as dirty as described on the news, they couldn't have just thrown a bunch of things in the closet and made everything look good.

Also still no mention of why Amanda Todd, at twelve years old, didn't seem to know she shouldn't show her private parts to total strangers, even if they said they'd be her friend, *which is normally a pretty good reason for doing anything.* **

** Asterisks indicate sarcasm.

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