Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I've lived in this little corner of Ontario, Canada all my life. Al Purdy's poem about the small towns above Belleville comes to mind.

Geographically speaking, southeastern Ontario has more versatility than one would think at first glance.

In the southern portion of Hastings County, there is the fair sized city of Belleville and the city of Trenton, home to a Canadian Forces airbase.

As previously stated, north of Belleville there are many small towns, as well as the Tyendenaga Mohawk reservation. Again, at first glance, all these small towns may seem to blend together, a closer look reveals they all have their uniqueneses and quirks.

I've always been awed by this areas location. We are halfway between Toronto and Ottawa and not that far away from Montreal. We're also about halfway between Peterborough and Kingston, the latter containing a U.S. border crossing.

Though there are many reasons why, especially as a blind person, this corner of one of Canada's first provinces frustrates me, geographically, it's always been a personal #1.

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