Saturday, November 19, 2016


Well, that clinches it. I no longer wish to get into broadcasting after this Atlantic Ocean-sized puddle of mud slog known as the 2016 United States Presidential election.

Instead of doing the job it once at least sort of did, i.e. talking about issues, holding candidates to account, keeping somewhat of a rein on it's bias, the mainstream media contributed as much to as it covered the shananigans of the candidates. Mark 2016 as the year the mainstream media will go down in history as having died.

Conversely, those in the alternative media did one of two dumb, or at least less than prudent things.

On one hand, there were those (Alex Jones, I'm looking squar in your direction) who went all in for Trump, not reporting on who his friends and associates were or the organizations to which he and they belonged.

On the other hand, you've got those who are reporting on such things, and as they do with anything that happens that looks as if it might have positive implications for our side, treat it as a complete globalist ruse, inadvertently strengthening the power elite by saying they can never be hindered in their agenda.

Remember, God, Jesus Christ, is ultimately in control. Though there are many reasons to be caughtious about the Trumpster and those who will form the next United States government with him, I look at this as something ultimately allowed by the Almighty to give us hope and a bit of a reprieve to gather in more of the remnant. At least, it certainly seems like such a thing compared to what would have happened had Hilary Clinton been selected instead of Trump.

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