Monday, November 21, 2016


Bruce: I signed up for Christian Single because I was desperate and hopeless.

Ted: I signed up for the same reasons, but I was also drunk.

Bruce: I didn't really look at any profiles, mostly just hung out in the forums. That's where I found Ted.

Ted: I knew I wanted to meet Bruce almost as soon as we started replying to each other's forum posts.

Bruce: I checked out the events page and saw that some Christian Single users were hosting an event only 200 miles in either direction of where we both lived.

Ted: We arranged to meet up there.

Bruce: There was the meet and greet, and we saw each other across the room and nodded.

Ted: When we were in between greeting ladies and fending off questions about our stances on predestination, we managed to speak to each other and arrange a meeting for early the next morning.

Bruce: I snuck out of the room.

Ted: One of my roommates asked me where I was going and I simply said I was going off to the woods for some quiet time.

Bruce: We met in the woods, sat down on a tree stump and just started talking.

Ted: It was amazing. We liked so many of the same things, felt the same way about so many issues, had similar hopes and dreams for the future. We talked so long we even missed the morning prayer time/breakfast/purity lecture.

Bruce: We've met up several times since then, done a lot of different things on dates.

Ted: As for the future of this relationship, really, that's anybody's guess.

Bruce: But one thing's for sure.

Together: We owe all the good times to Christian Single

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