Saturday, August 26, 2017


Picked up CKLW Windsor a few weeks ago under CJBQ with TV audio from A Channel Windsor's 11:00 news.

Listen to "Take It Outside" Saturdays at 12:30 on CJBQ.

Have been quite impressed with the summer students working at 91x this year. I especially enjoy Lindsey Heron on middays and news person Leah Donne-Hartog.

Was quite impressed to hear "What Is Truth?" and a lifestyle show on 1520 WWKB, which normally carries ESPN programming. It was a welcome, interesting and unique change for a couple hours.

Thought Torah Kachur did a good job hosting "Quirks and Quarks" a few weeks ago. She was warm and friendly, not stuck-up and nerdy like Bob McDonald.

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