Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Now, for the first time in a long while, here's Gillie!


When most folks think of Canadian's they often think of the kindly person who is humble to a fault, but is that true?


Although some are fundamentally the stereotype, many fall way short.  Example in the spring of 2005 I was standing at a crowded bus stop after working at a sheltered workshop, when some random stranger pushed me head first in to a light standard.  I assumed that I would immediately be helped, however I was shocked to hear one of the bystanders say, "she's handicapped.` Other members of the crowd chuckled and made comments about me being with out a worker.

  Too Many Hall Passes

Recently supposedly Christian youngster Justin Bieber was seen in two videos using the N word.  It was dismissed, because he has mostly black friends.  In my opinion, however they gave him a pass because he was Canadian.

  It's Your Call

Whether or not Canadian's need an image overhaul, or you think Canadian's are the original idea of the unassuming people say what you think.

Ms. Gillie heading off again


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I'm sure Canada has its share of bad apples, but all of my dealings with Canadians in your fair land were most pleasant. Hey, a Canadian DOT(?) officer even led me (in his patrol vehicle) right to the place where I was scheduled pick up a load north of Winnipeg late one night! Okay, there was this one trucker, who seemed bound and determined to not disprove any the things I had heard about true French Canadians being rather hard to get along with, but we were in the Chicago area at the time, which is enough to put anyone in a bad mood most of the time.

Alex Horton said...

I appreciate feedback, and must admit that most people are fundamentally good, I was just commenting on some rather less than pretty experiences I have endured.

Ms. Gillie

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Well, Ms. Gillie, I may be way off on this, but what I now understand to be absolutely true is what goodness we have in us is of our Heavenly Father, with it being in accordance to His will that some display far more of it than others. For there is nothing good about any of us--apart from Him.

Now, the part that far too many "Christians" really balk at is that His goodness is in even those who do not want to believe in His existence. Of course, of what value is this knowledge to those who do not want to believe it? Becoming "born again" is to be made more acutely aware of His presence. Come Judgment Day, all who have not wanted to humbly accept what our Heavenly Father has wanted them to will discover what existing without His goodness is like, which will be, in effect, Hell.

Alex Horton said...

Amen to that!

Ms. Gillie