Friday, August 8, 2014


Have started to get into watching television on the internet. Unfortunately you can't stream much TV in Canada, I assume due to copyright restrictions and the like. You can stream Global if you are a subscriber to Shaw Cable or Shaw Direct satilite service, which I am not. You can stream my two local CBC affiliates, CKWS and CHEX, but only during the evening newscast. I tried to stream Star Ray TV from Toronto once but it didn't work.

I can't of course stream American TV networks due to certain restrictions.

However, I can stream many foreign broadcasts. Just the other day I was watching UCB Television from the UK via Christian Tuner. Via the same platform, I have streamed Australian Christian Channel as well.

Reportedly, you can also stream Kenya's public television broadcaster.

There is of course Jump TV, a site which I have been to a few times but have never explored in depth.

There are other ways of streaming television broadcasts but I haven't looked into them yet.

Update: After checking the websites of both CKWS and CHEX just now, you can stream CKWS's evening newscast but apparently CHEX's is not available.

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