Friday, August 8, 2014


Caught a few of my favourites on FM today.

This morning around 8:30 I picked up WDCX Buffalo with Keylife, Discover The Word and into Alistaire Begg.

Then I went flipping around and landed on what I believe was WEAR. The station on this frequency used to be a Family Radio afiliate, but it would seem that station has been sold to the Family Life Network.

Next, I picked up WRUR Rochester and listened to it for a few hours. The signal was fairly weak but audible. I listened to this station while working on the computer. I didn't care I couldn't make out most of the music and talks; I just felt good knowing it was on in the background. At one point, though, I think they were playing blues music.

Finally, I caught Jazz 90.1 Rochester with Michael Buble, male anncr and then into old jazz recordings. Something else I'm glad I tuned into.

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