Thursday, August 28, 2014


Glad "The Ongoing History of New Music" is coming back. Don't know how well it will be received by today's audience, though.

Brent Seltzer and Meg McDonald seem like jerks.

Lots of format changes In Canadian radio in the past week.

Also, lots of American talk show hosts leaving to start their own online ventures.

The following were the CBC Radio summer shows I enjoyed over the past couple months: "What a Waste", "Live Through This", "Head to Toe", "The Bugle and the Passing Bell", "How to do It", and "Newshounds."

Jim Wright kind of seemed to be phoning it in last Sunday.

Some of the Radio Monaco programs CBC has been broadcasting overnight seem interesting.

Was listening to Premier Radio, a Christian station from the UK, a few weeks ago. Seems kind of derivative and commercial in some ways, but it still has some interesting programs and features from what I could tell.

Am enjoying Michael Herzog on RBN. Hopefully, Michael Rivero's switching networks works out well for him.

The reception on 9475 has been bad the last little while.

Glad WWCR's stream doesn't drop out every fifteen minutes like it used to.

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