Saturday, January 4, 2014


Enjoyed the exerpt of Glen Hauser's interview on the BBC on his most recent broadcast.

Glad WABC is going to have more local programming. I also like what Jimmy Decastro has done with WGN.

Nothing on WTWW 9475 this morning; not even a carrier.
This morning's episode of "Under The Influence" was interesting.

Picked up WBBL 1350 tonight. Was also picking up an adult standards station on 1320 competing with CJMR. I've probably given the call letters of that station before on this blog but can't remember them at present.

Tim Durkin had an interesting edition of "The Lorne Brooker Show" New Year's Eve Day. Shame it cut off.

Heard Brother Stair say last night he is no longer going to ask for money. Now all he'll have to keep his ministry going is the goodwill of his listeners and the million or so dollars he already has in the bank.

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