Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Based on notes to myself.

Coming back from Ablaze full of the Spirit.

Went to McDonald's the next day with a couple of fellow Christian friends. We joked about the Pope resigning and how our God never has to do that. Had a good time cruising around afterwords and helping out a young couple down by the lake whose car had broken down. Boys being boys, even though we were 60, 51 and 29 respectively.

Went to Kingston with my mom to fill out the paperwork for my new computer. It was pleasant driving through the places we used to drive through when we lived on the farm. Lots of interesting people to see in Kingston as well; kids taking the city bus home from school, people talking with each other about their lives. We ate KFC at the food court at the Kaderawke Town Centre.

Also got to work the radio on the trip and we listened to CFRC. That's where I heard about the death of Hugo Chavez.

Went to visit my friend the next morning and went to prayer meeting at our church that night.

Spent my nights back then watching movies my friend had lent me.

The tragic death of someone in our circle of believers occurred in late March.

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