Monday, January 6, 2014


Recently a young girl said that if Justin Bieber retired from singing she would retire from life. Was that innocent or a cry for help? I, and I am sure that you with children know, that the world is media obsessed. I do believe that this threat is a definite cry for help.

Is he a good roll model to base ones life on? No. A couple of years back he refused to see some children in Israel, and several months was seen in a popular magazine sporting a Hitler mustache. Justin then attempted to redeem himself by visiting the Anne Frank museum, but promoted himself in the guest book.

I ask you out there. Is he worth it? He also says he is a Christian, but getting stoned and rocking Hitler stache doesn't seem overly Godly.

What should those poor parents of that child do? Talk with her, get her some help, pray, and most of all try to promote people making an actual difference in this world.

God bless all of you

Ms. Gillie

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Alex Horton said...

An outward proof of how these singing stars have been set up as gods.

Not to mention the guy is totally self-obsessed and inammered and obsessed with his image. Also, didn't he appear nude or barely dressed in a magazine recently?