Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I have in a previous posting mentioned about God's sense of humor, love, and kindness. Now I am going to talk for a second about how he places people in our lives to make things interesting, calm, or to soothe our aching hearts.

A while back I went to my eye specialist, and she suggested the possibility of a new chornia to help my sight improve. When I was quite small the possibility was ruled flat out, but I figured that the passage of three decades would have advanced techniques and the thing I was seeking sat on the edge of occurring.

On a cloudy day in mid September I, armed with my trust in Jesus went off to the surgeon's office. Unfortunately he said the same thing the specialist I had as a girl said. He also suggested for me to return, and see what had advanced in a year.

So what can we gleam from this? God puts people in our lives for particular reasons, some to drive us places, others to give us hope of miracles around the bend.

Talk more soon

Ms. Gillie

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