Friday, August 19, 2011


In the Newsmakers section of the July 18 issue of Maclean's, the mayor of Calgary contradicts himself. First, he says he attended the homosexual pride parade because "my Calgary consists of every citizen" and then he defends Rob Ford's decision not to attend the Toronto homosexual pride parade by saying he can understand that "in this job you need your family time" or something.

In the same issue, there is an article about how four and five year olds in Quebec daycares are scoring low on school readiness tests. Quebec provides low cost daycare, with the provincial government covering most of the cost. This ultimately means more children are in daycare at an earlier age. The reason the children are scoring low on these tests is because there's no substitute for a mother, and a Christian one at that.

In the May-June Youth Unlimited newsletter, there is an article about sexting which quotes an article in the New York Times. One girl quoted in the Times article looks at sexting as a form of safer sex. Methinks this girl, like many others her age has trouble telling the virtual world from the real one.

Also, what these kids don't realize is that anyone with the proper skills can hack into the device they're sexting with.

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