Monday, August 22, 2011


Living On A Prayer: It's the 1980s, yet Tommy and Gena are struggling to make it. Tommy's dock workers union has been on strike for more than a year, like some union in one of those South American countries. Gosh. Seriously.

With or Without You: Though "The Joshua Tree" sucks, it has sentimental value to me. The babysitter I wrote about in my previous "Billboard" post was also a U2 fan. I asked for a U2 album for Christmas 1987. Christmas morning, I opened up a present to discover a cassette of "The Joshua Tree." I remember my mom reading the track listing and saying "Where The Streets Have No Names" rather incredulously.

Bad: Double Exposure did a sketch about Margaret Thatcher having all kinds of secret identities. One of them was an Indian boy she played in a movie, and another was Michael Jackson.

Money Money: Whenever I'm in a club and people yell out the obscene thing you're supposed to yell after the first line of this song, I always think how people are stupid and just do what ever everyone else does. Lousy crowd mentality.

Heaven Is A Place On Earth: If heaven is a place on earth, I want my money back.

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