Thursday, August 25, 2011


My Prerogative: When Britney Spears covered this song, Mad TV did a parody of "Total Request Live" where Bobby Brown burst into the studio and said, "If anyone's gonna remake my one and only hit, it gon' be me."

Straight Up: I actually kind of like this song. Whenever I was channel surfing and came across the video on Much Music I would stop and watch it.

Like A Prayer: This song is so blasphemous.

I'll Be There For You: I don't know whether it was this song or the theme to "Friends" or something else that popularized the phrase "I'll be there for you", but whoever it was who launched this combination of words into the mainstream should be taken out and shot. I'll be there for you is such a hollow phrase.

Forever Your Girl: "Not even if he promises me diamonds, not even if he promises me pearls, but if he actually dumps some out on the table all bets are off."

Rock On: I love the original version of this song. My parents have the 45 and I used to listen to it frequently.

Loving You Forever: All the girls in my Grade 1 and 2 classes were in love with various members of New Kids On The Block.

I once went to a friends house. Actually, it was two friends, a boy and a girl named Micky and Mathew. Micky had a cassette containing interviews with New Kids On The Block and some songs. The interviewer used the word "sexy" a lot. I was not of an age to know what that word meant, but in typical little kid fashion, I used it anyway. I remember I was playing with a pack of braille cards on the kitchen floor a few nights later. I said "We're gonna have some sexy card fun." My mom chastised me for using the word and explained to me what it really meant.

Batdance: I think I remember some kids in my grade 2 class talking about the Batman movie.

Right Here Waiting: My sister really loves this song because she loves animals and this song was used on a commercial for the Humane Society.

In grade 12 I took piano lessons and learned to play part of this song.

We Didn't Start The Fire: Billy Joel and other singers kept the fire burning with their coke parties. This is actually a good song.

In the first semester of college, we had a course called Evolution Of Modern Music. We were split into groups and a different group had to do a weekly presentation about a different musical era. Before the teacher split us up, he did a presentation to give us an idea of what he expected. The presentation centred on the events mentioned in this song.

Another Day In Paradise: Sanctimonious garbage.

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