Saturday, January 24, 2015


By Ruby Slipperjack. Winnepeg, MB: Pemican Publications, Inc., 1987

Little House on the Prairie meets Sweetgrass meets Judy Blume meets any number of things ranging from Angela's Ashes to The Glass Castle.

In this novel based on extracts from the author's diary, Slipperjack tells about growing up in a Native community in northern Ontario during the 1960s. This book tracks the author's journey from the relative innocence of childhood to long after she has awoken to the true horrors and problems of the world around her.

This book contains many poignant, charming and funny scenes. The amount of trouble Ruby, her siblings and friends could get into in one day is just staggering. As well, Slipperjack sheds light on a time and a world most white people know relatively little about

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