Saturday, January 3, 2015


Came across another very interesting tape today, this one from late 1980.

On the first side:

- a long period of silence followed by a country song taped off CJBQ with an announcer giving the time as 3:10 and talking about someplace presenting a Francis Schafer series;
- a woman having a piano lesson;
- two old women talking about medical things, including her brother-in-law getting circumcised in his forties;
- more country songs taped off albums
- the old woman talking about a snowstorm that had occurred the day before and the promise of another one

On the second side:

- the end of a news report on CJBQ, ending with a story about building a nuclear plant somewhere, a promise of a weather forecast after a commercial, a commercial for Al Robertson: some sort of farm equipment dealership;
- songs taped off albums including Abba "Fernando";
- some kids, preteens or teenagers, playing around with the tape recorder and talking;
- more songs taped off albums, including old-timey sounding country instrumentals

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