Monday, January 5, 2015


Smooth and Shape is the worlds first board and clip straightening tool designed to work with little to no heat. Smooth and Shape also reduces chances of hair loss from braiding, combing, and constant manipulation of the hair.  This new hair styling device allows you to easily fix any section that you may mess up.

This custom designed clip has grippers on the top and a smooth surface on the bottom.  You have the option of choosing the amount of tension you want on your hair.  The creators of Smooth and Shape wanted the clips to be made of plastic so that the user will not burn themselves when heat is applied. The hair board will have a matte finish to help with securing the hair in place and to prevent the clips from slipping.

This month Smooth and Shape started raising funds through the innovative use of crowdfunding. Their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will help them purchase 10,000 units from their manufacturer in order to get a reduced price for each unit and pass those savings along to the consumer. So be a part of this groundbreaking new and innovative business and visit the Smooth and Shape campaign site here,where you can become eligible to receive great perks from the creators of this wonderful hair straightening device.

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