Friday, May 30, 2014


Glad WBCQ's 7490 internet feed has been broadcasting WHVW lately.

Picked up WKGS the other night with commercials including one for a college.

It was so great to be on CJBQ the other night!

Veteran CBC executive and news anchor Nolton Nash has died. I remember him from videos the teacher used to show in law class, some classroom news type of thing. However, I can not look back on Nash with fondness. I was watching "The Fifth Estate" back in the mid-00s. The episode was about a then trend among kids called the choking game. Nash was interviewing a kid whose brother had been a victim of this activity. Nash asked the brother to show him how he and his late sibling would play the game. It sure looked to me like the veteran journalist was taking delight in the fact that children were partaking in and dying from this horrible pastime.

Imagine all the radio stations that would/will be scrambling to fill the vacant frequencies if/when CBC does move Radio Two exclusively online?

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