Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Tragedies occur every day, some rock us harder than others, but Stone Decision mastermind Paul Stanley has turned that pain and confusion into an EP (available today) expressing joy, anger, confusion, but ultimately healing. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Stanley grew up on a steady die of Bob Marley before migrating to the Bronx in the 80s. It was there that his musical tastes broadened and westernized, absorbing everything he could get his hands on, from Guns 'N Roses to KRS-One, Alanis Morissette to Notorious B.I.G. These disparate influences all make upNewtown, CT, from early Bronx house, shredding guitar, to fluctuating, female vocals about empowerment and learning to overcome fear.
After years in the Bronx, Stanley moved to Northeast PA to dive deeper into his burgeoning love for rock. It was there that he discovered Pearl Jam, and Vedder's vocal style and delivery have since played a large role in Stone Decision's music. After ten years working as a struggling songwriter, facing rejection at every turn, itt was not until relocating back to the New York City area that Stanley hooked up with multi-talented producer/composer Stephan Mossele that the Newtown CT EP first started to take shape.
By writing about something close to his heart, the Newtown school shooting massacre, Stanley has laid himself bare, fearing no reprisal as he preps forDreamkillers, the double LP about his life struggle. By living vicariously through his sister and niece, Stanley suddenly discovered true empathy for the Newtown victims and their families. "In the writing process, my awareness was expanded," explains Stanley. "I could see and feel the suffering of people arouind the world. I wanted to go to the families and hug them, like I would my sister."

Newtown CT is available digitally today via PKS Music.

"Sunshine" is a pop song which at the same time possesses powerful lyrics and a message many need to hear.
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