Tuesday, June 3, 2014


This Sunday, June  8th from 2 pm until 5....
At  The  Black Dog, 227 West Front St. in  Stirling.
The ‘Amazing Jam’! Even more amazing music... 
This will be the Amazing Jam’s fifth Sunday  afternoon at The Black Dog in Stirling. The space works: drinks and food are good and  prices seem reasonable. We play there for about 3 hours. We are welcomed by both  staff and the patrons in the lounge and restaurant. Our music is greatly  appreciated; people always ask to know when we will return!
Once a month on Sunday afternoons. This Sunday afternoon’s  jam (June 8th) will probably be our last until September. Time is  from 2 pm until 5.
The ‘Amazing Jam’ format is a ‘song circle’ with the lead changing from  person to person among the group. When their turn comes around, everyone has the  option to offer a DSCF1663tune or pass the privilege to their neighbour.  Depending on the music, the mood, choice of instruments, etc. some will choose  to support whoever is leading a song, others may prefer to sit out and  listen. 
DSCF1676smIn all its incarnations (Madoc, Marmora, and now  in Stirling) the Amazing Jam has had a thoroughly amazing character. A very  large part of this is due to the fabulous core group of musicians (amazing  characters, all of us....) who turn out time and again to bring it all together.  We invite you to come out and join us, making music with old friends; for sure,  there’ll be some new faces too.
“Bring your instruments, your voices and your music. It’s  all unplugged  and it’s all good! Guitar, bass,  harmonica, banjo,  mandolin, ukulele,  fiddle, accordion,  flute, celtic harp – the list goes  on.
“There may be only 4 or 5 of us or maybe a whole room full of  musicians. A place for ‘first-timers’ and experienced  players alike. A  good bunch of people playing all kinds of music together.  People in their teens all the way through  proto-geezers. Maybe even an DSCF1647sincipient-geriat or two....
“The  blues does not rule. Any  acoustic music from punk to polka!”
(Baritone sax and tuba set up in the parking  lot....)
Hope to  see you Sunday afternoon in Stirling.

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