Tuesday, June 3, 2014


You’re a special  guest of ‘B.B. Clinton’!
Ah yes, that’s right....
I have been co-opted by the Frankford Island Blues  Festival to host
“Amazing Jam on-the-road”
Saturday morning (June 7th) at the Frankford Island  Blues Festival.
Guess folks have noticed that our little gig has a lot going for it. So,  they came asking and heck, what could I say....?
The time is 10 am. The place is Frankford Island Blues Festival on (you  guessed it) Frankford Island, that little chunk of something or other stuck in  the middle between the Canal and the Trent River right there at Frankford.  Entrance to the festival is down the road between the 2 bridges.
You’ll find lots more info about the Frankford Island Blues Festival on  their website: www.loyalblues.ca/festival.htm
In keeping with the Blues theme, I intend to play at least one blues number  (or maybe more....) but all kinds of acoustic music will be welcome at our jam. 
I’m also working on a ‘blues name’ to perform under. Traditional advice on  this is to combine the name of a physical challenge with the name of a fruit  plus the name of an American president. ‘Bent Banana Clinton’ comes to mind.  Or.... maybe I should be thinking on it some more.
And (don’t forget).... 
Our regular Amazing Jam at The Black Dog in Stirling will be happening  the very next day: Sunday, June 8th, starting at 2  pm.
Looking forward to see you all on Sunday afternoon in Stirling and, if  you’re up for something extra, come on out to Frankford Island on Saturday  morning and help us rock the place (acoustically). Tell ‘em at the gate you’re a  special guest of ‘B.B. Clinton’. Won’t do anything for getting you in free, but  it might just make someone smile!

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