Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Received the following email from CELA, the Centre for Equitable Library Access, yesterday:

Dear CELA patron,
We are pleased to announce changes designed improve your braille service. Beginning in April, we will be embossing a fresh copy of each braille book we send. We will also begin mailing the books in boxes. You will no longer be required to mail the books or the packaging back. Instead, you may keep or recycle both. Books will be removed automatically from your account after 30 days. Please note these changes do not apply to printbraille children's books which must be returned.
We are making this change to provide more timely service to you, and to make our braille service more efficient. We will be able to offer as many copies of each book as needed, so you do not need to wait for others to return a book before you can  receive it. You will also be the only reader of each book and each copy you receive will be fresh.
The formatting of the books will be different. They will be split into parts of 100 pages each and staple-bound. Each part will generally be a bit smaller than the braille volumes we’ve sent in the past. There will be no plastic covers or binding, making them easy to recycle.
Newly transcribed books will be formatted as a single volume with continuous page numbers and the title will appear in the header as well as at the beginning of the book.
We hope you enjoy single-use braille. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact CELA at or call 1-855-655-2273.
CELA staff

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