Saturday, April 14, 2018


About a year ago, I ordered three books from the CNIB Library. One came. I read it and sent it back. I called CELA back last fall and found out one of the other books had been removed from the system.

Yesterday, I called and found out, from the completely unfriendly woman I spoke to, that the third book had also been removed.

When I attempted to further inquire as to why this had happened and what CELA was planning to do about it, the woman replied the book had either been lost in the mail or destroyed and said, "It's unfortunate."

Now, let's go back to basic career training here, babe. If you're having problems at work or at home, you do not bring the feelings resulting from those problems into your interactions with the public. Got that!

Also, I expect better than to be dismissed the way you dismissed me. I want explanations as to what happened to those two books, as well as two other books I inquired into that had been removed, as well as whether or not, and when, you are going to re-transcribe the book into your system.

I'm telling you, CELA better hurry up and get the new system I posted about a few days ago in place before they lose their entire collection.

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