Tuesday, July 25, 2017


The basic problem I have with this lecture is it doesn't emphasize relationship with Jesus Christ. Vanier does an excellent job at explaining how people get depressed, or alternately how people can throw themselves into projects to keep busy or to make themselves admirable if they aren't loved, but he fails to point out that the reason for all this brokenness in the world is the Fall and the resulting falling out of relationship with the God of the universe.

Significant numbers of people can't love people such as the multi-handicapped residents of Vanier's communities because God is love and thus is the ultimate source of love. Once people are in right relationship with the Heavenly Father, they will eventually begin to love others, including those with multiple disabilities or other groups who are often ignored or looked down upon.

Vanier talks about saying prayers and learning about relationships, but has he entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ the Creator? (See Acts 2 38)

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Alex Horton said...

He also fails to mention that he who is not loved, in adition to seeking to be admired, can also seek to be feared. Those children who feel unloved, unwanted and rejected can go on to victimize and hurt others as well.