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Genesis 1 1: Several years ago scientists determined there are only five things that make up the universe.

“in the beginning (time) God (spirit) created (energy or force) the heaven (space) and the earth (matter”)

As you can see, all these elements are found in this verse.

Notice with what order God creates the universe. He does not, as some Indian myths say, create the animals and then create dry land for them to live on.

On the first day God creates light, but He does not create the sun till the fourth day. This might have been God’s way of saying that He was the light. He might have been warning people not to worship the sun. Sure, it provides light for the earth, but God is the true light.

Genesis 2 10-14: The garden of Eden was located on what is today the Palamar Plain in Russia.

Genesis 2 19: Adam named all the animals. Today, the average person uses a daily average of only 500 distinct words.

Genesis 2 24: This verse establishes individuals gaining their independence. I am not saying grown children necessarily have to physically leave their home, but their needs to be a separation between the newly married couple and the parents. There are families where married children live under the same roof as their parents in a manner that is just as if the grown man and woman were still children.

Genesis 3 1: An important thing to get here is that the serpent allowed himself to be possessed by Satan. This account is to be taken literally.

Genesis 3 2: Eve’s big mistake was that she tried to argue with Satan. If Eve had just resisted him he would have fled from her.

Genesis 3 6: Adam’s big mistake was that he was away from Eve, not protecting her from the serpent. Men need to be mindful of the fact they’re the head of their wives and can’t just spend the majority of their time doing what they want to do.

It is also important to note that Adam was not “dimwitted.” 1 Timothy 3 13 says “Adam was not deceived.” Some theories hold Adam ate the fruit so that he would not be unequal with Eve, taking one for the team, as it were. I think it’s more likely he fully knew the horrible consequences of partaking of the fruit but decided to eat it anyway in order to gain the knowledge.

Genesis 3 7: I don’t believe the fact Adam and Eve were naked was wrong because they were created that way. However, when they ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they now knew how to sin. Thus, having the entire human race be naked all the time would have caused problems.

Genesis 3 16: Though pain in childbirth is part of the curse God cursed Eve and womankind with, I don’t believe it is a sin to minimize the pain through things like squatting on a chair (as opposed to the western method of the woman putting her feet up) or other natural methods.

“and thy desire to thy husband and he shall rule over thee”

It has been theorized that if Adam and Eve hadn’t sinned, humans could have had sex with whomever they wanted to with no consequences.

Genesis 4 3-5: Cain would have also owned sheep because he would have needed livestock for food. Cain could have provided the proper sacrifice if he had wanted to.

Genesis 4 17: Cain built the first city. The wicked have always loved cities.

Genesis 4 26: There is no evidence that Cain came to the Lord after the mark was placed on him.

Genesis 5: The way the population grew from being just Adam and his family was that Adam’s sons and daughters had sex with each other.

This list of begats may seem boring, but there is a hidden code within the names listed here. See Chuck Misler’s “Hidden Treasures In The Biblical Text” for the interpretation of said code.

Genesis 6 1-4: The Nephelim were either fallen angels or aliens, more likely fallen angels since it says “sons of God.” They came down and had sex with humans. The reason God didn’t offer repentance to humankind in this case was the people literally weren’t human anymore.

Genesis 6 5: The descendants of the nephelem who dwell on earth today want to make humanity this way again.

Genesis 6 15: The ark is often pictured as a boat but it was actually a floating building the size of at least a few football fields.

Genesis 7 4: It had never rained before. You can just picture Noah’s wicked neighbours mocking him. “You mean water is actually going to fall from the sky?” Very encouraging for when Christians today get mocked for their beliefs, particularly with regard to things concerning the end times.

Also, it is worth noting here that there were actually at least two of every kind of animal on the face of the earth, except for perhaps the sea creatures. Many speces would have probably been brought on board as eggs or young. They would be smaller and easier to fit onboard and would also have a longer time to breed and replenish the earth once the waters had dried up.

There may not have been at least two of every kind of creature we know today. You might have had your canines and felines and bovines and equines, etc., which could have split off into the various speces of dogs, cats, cow-like creatures, and horse derivative creatures we know today.

Genesis 8 4: Noah landed in Armenia.

Genesis 8 22: “while the earth remaineth seedtime and harvest and cold and heat and summer and winter and day and night shall not cease”

This verse refutes what these global warming people say will happen if we don’t give all our money to Al Gore. It also refutes what people worried about HAARP wiping out the yearly cycles believe.

Genesis 10: I wonder if this chapter contains a code like chapter 5.

Genesis 10 8-10: Nimrod founded the unholy trinity of the father, the mother goddess and the child present in every religion from the ancient mystery religions of Egypt, Babylon, Rome, Greece, etc., to Hinduism and Catholicism.

Genesis 11 3: Just like with the building of the new world order today, the people building the tower of Babel forgot God.

The book of Jasher records that if a worker fell from the tower and died, it was of no consequence, but if someone dropped some bricks and they smashed, everyone cried.

Genesis 11 4: The tower of Babel was nothing less than a literal attempt for man to take over Heaven, to ascend to the highest place as Lucifer wanted to do. Today, this is still the ambition of those trying to put the new world order in place.

Genesis 11 5: I love how it says “the Lord came down”, when they were building this tower they wanted to reach to Heaven.

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