Wednesday, January 11, 2012


More reviews of novels for older children.

James And The Giant Peach: The peach gets completely destroyed. What the heck!

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory: Sure made me want to go there.

Looking For Alabrandi: Pretty corny, but shows an interesting aspect of things. Never really thought much about Australian-Italians before.

Tales Of Uncle Remus: Great classic stories. Anyone who complains about this book being racist should just kiss their mother good night and go down to their room.

Stewart Little: White never told us if Stewart found Margalow. That sucks.

By the way, thanks Hollywood (read Jews) for ruining this classic story with the film adaptation.

A Traveler In Time by Allison Utley: Kind of boring in spots but introduced me to the battle between Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots.

Lord Of The Flies: Would have liked it more if I hadn't been forced to read it in school, since, as we know, the purpose of the public school system is to make everything boring.

Lord Of The Rings: Should really combine this book and the one just mentioned above.

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