Monday, January 9, 2012


Dick Biandi WLS December 5 1960: There was nobody quite like Dick Biandi.

Back then, people were worried about not being able to find clothes in a junior petite size. Now people complain about not being able to find clothes in large enough sizes.

That Tackle commercial is pretty corny.

Deliberately mispronounces “bief” in the Wilson’s Bief commercial. If he did that today, he’d probably get fired.

Deliberately mispronounces “snow flurries.”

Yeah, I’ll just bet Goobers and Raisinettes are nutritious.

Dick Biandi WKBW January 1960: Awkward segues.

Robin Seymour WKMH Year Unknown: Fago root beer, what the Insane Clown Possi drinks.

Why are you showing a movie at a rock and roll show? That’s just dumb.

Ted Covey KWIK Year Unknown: An interesting piece of audio. Would love to know more of the circumstances surrounding it.

Boots Bell WHOT January 1 1973: Boarshead and yule log festival?

Allen Scott WHOT January 1 1970: A real variety of stuff.

Advertised Led Zeppelin II, an album which the station would have probably never played in a million years.

What were car tapes?

Jolly Roger WHOT June 27 1962: Lots of cool wordplay in this aircheck.

Boots Bell WHOT April 1 1960: Seems unsure of himself.

GB WHOT March 31 1960: Very folksy.

Most of these airchecks can probably be found on YouTube.

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