Sunday, April 9, 2017


Heard "In the Market with Janet Parshall" a few weeks ago talking with James Deyoung about the film "The Shack."

First of all, I have downloaded the podcast done by two of the guys instrumental in both the book and the movie. They are Scripturally sound and I believe this film is Scripturally sound.

Those who are big in Christian media, and in the institutional church in general, are so afraid of loosing control over their audience and apparently think their audience is so dumb that that the Christian media feel it's their job to keep their precious audie nce away from everything containing any hint of false doctrine, or to put it more accurately, anything with which these hosts don't agree.

Janet brought up the point that Brad Cummings had said this film has helped people think outside the box, to which DeYoung responded that, since Cummings thought outside the box, he was willing to accept everything that fell outside that box.

A caller from Montana brought up the fact the movie advances the idea God wants a relationship with His people, which is Scriptural. In fact, the caller brought up Biblical passages that support this truth, to which Janet responded, "So you're saying it's just a novel. Well, "The Da Vincy Code" was just a novel. Would some scientists study these people's inner ears. The hear only what they want to hear and can turn any valid opposing argument into a totally different, weaker argument.

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